Mike Papantonio

Mike Papantonio is a truth-teller, a crusader who uses fiction to entertain and inform his readers about some of the most pressing issues of our time. In each of his thrillers, from Law And Disorder to Law And Vengeance, Law And Addiction, Inhuman Trafficking, and now Suspicious Activity, he lays bare the conspiracies and white-collar crimes that hurt ordinary Americans — and that are rarely covered by the national media.

A senior partner of Levin Papantonio, one of the country’s largest plaintiffs’ law firms, Papantonio uses his own cases as springboards for his novels. He has aggressively taken on Big Pharma, tobacco, weapons manufacturers, and the automobile industry, among other bastions of corporate greed.

One of the youngest inductees into the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame, Papantonio is also a well-known media presence as host of America’s Lawyer on YouTube and co-host of the syndicated radio show Ring of Fire. A skilled musician and athlete, he is based in Pensacola, Florida.


Suspicious Activitysuspicious activity book

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Inhuman Trafficking

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Law And Addiction

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Law And Vengeancelaw and vengeance

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Law And Disorderlaw and disorder book

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A fast-paced thriller in the tradition of John Grisham, Joseph Finder, and John Lescroart

Inhuman Trafficking

For Nick “Deke” Deketomis, going where angels fear to tread in waging legal battles has long been a way of life. As managing partner for one of the nation’s largest plaintiffs’ law firms, Deke has gone toe to toe with some of the largest corporations in the world. His firm specializes in the tough, even quixotic, cases that few lawyers would dare to take on. Like human trafficking.

What People Say About Mike Papantonio’s Books

A Thrilling Ride of a Novel

A thrilling ride of a novel! Chasing the money through illegal channels to expose the criminals funding attacks on American soldiers creates the perfect juxtaposition of good - where we expect it and evil - where we least expect it. Lots of twists and turns in this stunning page turner which reminds me of Nelson DeMille. Highly recommend.
Amazon Reviewer

I hope it will be a movie!

I received an early copy of Suspicious Activity and was literally shocked, although I guess we shouldn't be surprised anymore. This book is intense, it's fiction but an expose, and drives home the adage 'follow the money' especially when banks are involved. I hope it will be a movie!
Marcia B., Amazon Reviewer

A Must Read

Mike Papantonio has written another thriller that will keep the reader up at night. All who read this novel will be anxious to learn the outcome of the Suspicious Activity which reflects the real life actions taken by big banks and big money to fund oversea terrorists at the expense of military men and women. A must read for Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans.
Amazon Reviewer

A Fun Read

I typically do not seek out legal or financial thrillers, but this is an exception for me! It is a fun read, and I did not put it down from cover to cover. The main characters are well developed and I could see a gamut of emotions from love and loss to outrage and triumph. After this one, I will be reading the rest of this author's books.
Phillip Justin Bryars, Amazon Reviewer

Captivating Drama

Deke leads a legal movement against a powerful bank in Suspicious Activity, making this story full of suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This captivating drama exposes a net of deceit and danger hiding
Laura Aguilera, Amazon Reviewer

I Really Enjoyed Reading It!

Attorney Deke and his team take on Big Banking in a fight for truth and justice as they discover a frightening money laundering scheme. This book took me to a world of suspense, and high-stakes legal combat. I really enjoyed reading it!
Guillermo Zanky Aguilera, Amazon Reviewer

A Thrilling Ride

Deke and his allies confront the outcome of war and terrorism. Readers are drawn into a world of danger and deception, where the fight for justice takes the main stage. This was a thrilling ride through the shades of global finance.
Carol Reads, Amazon Reviewer

Amazing Drama

Nicholas "Deke" Deketomis leads the team against corporate corruption in this amazing drama. With its twist and turn, Suspicious Activity reveals the high-risk world of legal battles and the search for truth.
Wade, Amazon Reviewer

Captures Readers from the First Page

This book was a fascinating drama that exposed the dark ground of financial institutions and the dimensions they'll go to protect their interests with suspense that captures readers from the first page.
Marcus Butler, Amazon Reviewer

A Must Read

This book is a must read if you enjoy a good drama. Suspicious Activity draws readers into a world where justice is a battlefield and truth is a rare thing. Prepare to be captivated from start to finish.
Amazon Reviewer

A Relentless Battle Against Corporate Corruption

Nicholas Deketomis and his team take you in a relentless battle against corporate corruption. As they uncover the secrets behind deadly explosives and illicit funding, readers are drawn into a place where justice hangs in a threat. Prepare for a thrilling ride through the dark underworld of global finance.
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A Suspenseful Journey through the Dark World of Global Finance

In Suspicious Activity, the voices of war echo as Deke and his allies fight the aftermath of conflict. As they discover the funding behind deadly explosives, readers are taken on a suspenseful journey through the dark world of global finance. Brace yourself for a thrilling ride.
TJ Brown, Amazon Reviewer

Captivating and Amusing

Attorney Deke and his team peel back layers to uncover an alarming conspiracy hidden within a powerful bank. This book is captivating and amusing, a true legal thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Amazon Reviewer

Crazy Twists and Turns

Deke and his team battle a war against corporate corruption, this book took you on some crazy twists and turns as it exposes the lengths to which some will go to protect their interests. Fascinating and mind blowing, it is definitely a must-read for anyone seeking truth in a world of deception.
Solange Roe, Amazon Reviewer

Well Written and Researched

Suspicious Activity: A Legal Thriller by Mike Papantonio and Christopher Paulos is a well written and researched legal thriller about a major bank based out of New York that has been funding terrorists who are using the finds to build improvised explosive devices which are killing American soldiers and allies. This reads like something that you would come across on the front page of a newspaper or scrolling through the news online. The characters were incredibly interested and felt as though they were real people. Fans of legal thrillers and novels about international crime will greatly enjoy this and the characters it gives us. The narrative moves very quickly and pulls the reader in from the beginning and does not let go until the end.
Phil Bolos, Amazon Reviewer

I just wanted to keep reading.

Suspicious Activity: A Legal Thriller by Mike Papantonio is classified as a legal thrill and war and military action type of book. I was unsure about this book at first, but I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Normally, I am not the biggest fan of military fictions, but this one was fun to read. I did not feel like it was revolved around that topic anyway – more a legal thriller I would say. It is fast paced and full of hard-hitting action, so it was hard to find a good stopping place at times because I just wanted to keep reading.
Celeste L., Amazon Reviewer

Intriguing Book

Suspicious Activity: A Legal Thriller is a solid book and well-written. The narrative reads a little dry though, without much character development or depth. However, it's a good book with a story that follows Deke and his group fighting against corporate fraud. Readers seeking the truth in a world of lies should read this intriguing book. As you uncover the mysteries of illegal financing, you are pulled into a gripping scenario where justice hangs in the balance. Through his battle with Big Finance, Attorney Deke exposes a horrifying illicit financing operation that takes you on a journey into international intrigue and more. Overall a good read.
Amazon Reviewer

A Gripping Tale

"Suspicious Activity: A Legal Thriller" by Mike Papantonio and Christopher Paulos is a gripping tale ripped from contemporary headlines, blending intrigue, suspense, and legal battles into a high-stakes drama. Attorney Nicholas "Deke" Deketomis takes on Big Banking in a lawsuit aiming to expose their support of groups responsible for deadly attacks overseas. With a team of dedicated lawyers and investigators, Deke delves into a web of deceit and danger, uncovering a sinister reverse money laundering scheme and confronting dangerous adversaries. As the stakes rise and threats escalate, the narrative unfolds with thrilling twists and turns, keeping readers on the edge of their seats. Fans of financial-action legal thrillers will find "Suspicious Activity" to be a riveting and adrenaline-pumping read reminiscent of Joseph Finder and James Grippando.
Amy K., Amazon Reviewer

Brimming with Suspense

"Suspicious Activity: A Legal Thriller" by Mike Papantonio and Christopher Paulos is a gripping entry into the world of financial and legal thrillers, brimming with suspense and intricately woven plotlines. The novel dives deep into the murky waters of corporate greed and financial deception, presenting a high-stakes legal battle that captivates from the first page to the last.
Amazon Reviewer

More harrowing and more serious than Law and Addiction

A couple of years ago, we reviewed a legal potboiler by Mike Papantonio which not only told a harrowing and exciting tale, but presented some serious concerns about drug addiction. Inhuman Trafficking does the same. If anything, the story is more harrowing and more serious than Law and Addiction...Inhuman Trafficking can open our eyes to the evils of human smuggling and prostitution. That is what Law and Addiction did with opioid abuse. Perhaps there is something we can do. It might be a dangerous call, but there are things that can be done even by lawyers. Yes, sadly, there are lawyers, who are more interested in power and money than justice (see a warning in James 5:6), but some are helping people who really need it.
English Plus Language Blog

A suspenseful ride to the finish.

The book that shines light on the worldwide scourge that is human trafficking is a suspenseful ride to the finish.
Jordan Rich's WBZ Book Club (iHeart Radio Boston)

Filled with twists, turns

The ending is filled with twists, turns and with a final scene that will make you wonder who lives, who survives and the result of their cases. Young girls fall prey to men who promise them the world and are there to have them work for nothing and for the pleasures of some sick people. Authors Mike Papantonio and Alan Russell take readers inside the minds of sex traffickers, deceptions, bribes, betrayals and one girl named Lily who was used as a pawn as so many were, are and will be in the future if more eyes are not on it, if every state and country are not vigilante and is some countries stop looking away from what is happening right in front of them.
Just Reviews

I strongly recommend it

This is a well researched, fictional book that shines a light on one of society’s more despicable cockroaches, human trafficking…The book is written as a novel but sheds light on a societal issue that is frequently ignored. There is action and characters you can like as well as a cast of deplorable villains...  it is most definitely worth reading.  I strongly recommend it.
Pick of the Literature

Hard to put down, the story, based on facts, kept me reading most of the night.

Mike Papantonio‘s latest work is fascinating, disturbing, and unfortunately based upon the truth of human trafficking. The pace of the novel is fast and makes it hard to put down, I lost sleep last night reading until the wee hours. I like how Papentonio includes Local color and bases his story on the thousands of young womens’ plight as a sex slaves, helping to make us aware that these crimes are committed in most cities in the U.S. Keep up the good work Pap!
Terra Nova

A tough story, well-told and fast-paced.

Much of the subject matter -- sex trafficking along America's highways and byways -- is shocking, but no surprise. The authors bring the human and emotional toll home in vivid detail, and as part of a plot that never quits. The story moves swiftly, and excitingly, at all times. If these two authors write another book, sign me up! (I was already a fan of Alan Russell's from way back.)
Eclectic Reader

Would make a great film

This would make a great film, it is a fast paced legal thriller. The focus is on the grim topic of sex trafficking.
Jim Holroyd Blog

A fast-paced legal thriller with hard-hitting conflict

As someone who has previously tackled the subject matter, I can say that Inhuman Trafficking is on the nose with its realism and at times disturbing depiction of a serious problem in the USA and other countries. Authors Papantonio and Russell deliver a fast-paced legal thriller with hard-hitting conflict—sometimes 'Bondian' action!—that introduces an engaging team of protagonists and an equally despicable group of baddies.
Raymond Benson
Author of In the Hush of the Night and Blues in the Dark

Well-crafted and suspenseful

In this well-crafted and suspenseful legal thriller, the reader will witness how innocent victims are manipulated by the criminal world of human trafficking and the atrocities they must endure.
Stephen W. Frey
Author of The Chairman and Trust Fund