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“The purpose of the lawsuit is to fully expose the bank’s willing support to groups that are killing Americans—and others—overseas.” This announcement by attorney Nicholas “Deke” Deketomis sets up the gladiatorial arena between Big Banking and a team of well-meaning activist lawyers.

The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars introduced the concept of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) and EFPs (Explosively Formed Penetrators) that seriously maim or kill. It appears that these bombs are still being made and utilized by terrorists overseas. Who is funding them? Could it possibly be a large global bank with a major branch in New York? Is a reverse money laundering scheme in place that allows money transactions to bypass Department of Justice sanctions?

Deke and his colleagues—co-counsel Michael Carey and investigators Carol Morris and Jake Rutledge—set out to uncover the deceit and bring the white collar criminals to justice. With the help of Michael’s friend and war veteran, Joel Hartbeck—who first blows the whistle against the bank—the Deketomis team quickly discovers that they may have tackled more than they bargained for. A dangerous right wing paramilitary group might be involved in protecting the bank’s interests, and Hartbeck soon goes missing. As Deke’s lawsuit progresses, the sudden appearance of IEDs and EFPs on US highways cause death and destruction. Who is behind this evil?

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